NBA season is exhausting

By Steve Sell
April 12, 2018

The Never-ending Basketball Association (NBA) finally concluded its regular season on Wednesday.

Forgive me if I’m not excited.

I love college basketball. But the NBA gives me roundball fatigue. The regular season lasts about 7 months, all to eliminate only half the teams from advancing. 

Then we have long-and-drawn-out playoff series, the reasons being money and television ratings.

Perish the thought that we could have shortened playoffs. There are three rounds in each conference before The Finals (the NBA likes to capitalize it) finally take place while most of us are enjoying outdoor summer activities in June.

Since many of the first- and second-round series are rather decisive, why don’t we just make the first round a best-of-three and the second round a best-of-five? How often does a No. 1 seed ever lose to a No. 8 in a best-of-seven?

I find the series exhaustive. I also don’t like watching the same teams playing each other up to seven times in 2 weeks. It’s OK for the conference finals and then The Finals since the quality is high, but I just don’t find myself getting excited about a potential seven games between the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat or the Portland Trail Blazers against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Every once in a while when I was bored the last couple of months, I watched an NBA game. There are teams that are out of the playoffs by February, at which point they start to tank in order to get a chance at a higher pick in the playoffs. I know the term “tanking” is not to be uttered, but all you have to do is look at the effort of some of these teams.

NBA teams sometimes play three or four games within a five-day span. They arrive at a new city at 4 or 5 in the morning, sleep all day, then play a game that night. Is it any wonder it looks like some players are going through the motions?

I will say the really good teams are fun to watch, but there’s a problem — there just aren’t very many good ones.

The NBA’s power has been in the West for a long time now. I really enjoyed the first year Golden State won the championship because it had been so far down for so long. But success went to the Warriors’ head as the team everybody rooted for became a victim of its success with its constant whining and complaining. I’m not a big fan of watching Draymond Green bellyache from the time he steps on the court.

Houston would appear to be a serious threat to the Warriors, considering Golden State is suffering with some key injuries. As for the other teams, I don’t believe anybody else has a chance.

The teams in the East are mediocre. Toronto has the best record, but find somebody who actually gives it a chance to make The Finals. Cleveland has been the cream of the crop in the East recently and even won a title one year, but the Cavaliers don’t play much defense and let’s face it, LeBron James puts the team on his back. What it comes down to is the East champion will be little more than fodder in The Finals.