Warriors now have complete super team

By Steve Sell
July 03, 2018

The rich only get richer.

Apparently having four All-Stars in the starting lineup wasn’t good enough for the Golden State Warriors.

On Monday, the Warriors — who have won three of the last four NBA titles — announced that DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins had agreed to a one-year deal worth $5.3 million. 

This sent shockwaves and shutters throughout the rest of the NBA. What makes this stunning is that Cousins could have gone to any other team for about four times that amount. 

Cousins unquestionably is a talent. He's a 6-11 center who has the ability to put the ball on the floor as well as shoot the 3. He did suffer a torn Achilles this past season, but all reports indicate he’s recovering well, though he may not be totally 100 percent.

He was a bit of a malcontent in his early days of the NBA, playing only when the mood struck as he was stuck on some really bad teams in Sacramento before being traded to New Orleans to join Anthony Davis.

For him to take what in the NBA is now considered paltry sum (it seems like everybody makes about id="mce_marker"5 to $30 million these days) tells me Boogie is more about the team than individual glory, something nobody would have said 5 years ago.

In just one day the defending World Champions managed to snatch away the headlines from the nearby Los Angeles Lakers, who on Sunday landed the biggest catch of them all, LeBron James. The Lakers also made some minor moves to fill out their roster, albeit some head-scratchers like Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee. I just wonder if Magic Johnson consulted LeBron before those signings as Stephenson and LeBron have a bit of a tumultuous past. McGee is a banger who was with Golden State, which is why the Warriors went out and got Cousins.

Does anybody really believe any team is going to beat the Warriors next year? With Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, all All-Stars, being joined by one of the top big men in the NBA, Golden State has put together a team that could realistically lose only 10 games, maybe less, if it stays focused and avoids serious injury.

Golden State now has the ultimate super team. This is most likely the greatest starting five in the history of the NBA as all could potentially ended up in the Hall of Fame some day. They still have to fill out their roster with bargain-basement players, but apparently the allure of winning a championship means more than money to some players. Who thought we would ever say that in the NBA?

It’s going to be the Warriors and then everybody else next year, even though much of the focus will be on LeBron and the Lakers. The Warriors are a dynasty that will go on for years.