Fearless continues to be mediocre

By Steve Sell
November 01, 2018

Fearless Forecaster showed up last week about as much as the Kansas State Wildcats.

No-show was more like it.

Fearless was just 16-5 and is now 141-46 for the season as he seems to be stuck on 75 percent in what has to be considered an off-year.

Fearless was perfect in AVCTL Division III, but dropped two area games as he didn’t pick Hesston to defeat Wichita Collegiate on the road and he also missed on Little River, as he picked the Redskins to defeat Spearville in Little River.

In the KCAC, Fearless’ upset special of Southwestern over Ottawa was a bust as the Braves rolled to a 41-24 win.

In the Big 12, Fearless didn’t see a KU win coming against TCU (he never picks a KU win in Big 12 games), while the Oklahoma State surprise of Texas shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise at all as the experts haven’t been sold on the Longhorns all year.


• McPherson 42, Ulysses 7 — As we get deeper into the playoffs, the Bullpups are going to start getting pushed. They'll get nudged this week, just not the big push yet.

• Wellington 21, Buhler 14 — Fearless has no idea how good Wellington is, but it has be decent. Buhler's pedigree might enable it to pull an upset.

• Last week — 5-0. Season — 33-5.

• AREA •

• Smoky Valley 28, Hesston 14 — The Swathers are going to play the Vikings closer this time as Cameron Cox is now healthy for Hesston, but Smoky’s defense will be the difference.

• Canton-Galva 48, Burlingame 42 — Fearless is going with his heart, as his head tells him the Bearcats’ history of making the state semifinals the last three years could swing the game their way.

• Elkhart 30, Inman 14 — The 259-mile drive puts the Teutons behind the 8-ball to begin with. What a year it’s been for Lance Sawyer's club.

• Last week — 4-1. Season — 41-9.

• KCAC •

• Sterling 31, McPherson College 27 — At some point the Bulldogs are going to win on the road again, but it will have to come in 2019 as this is their final away game.

• Tabor 24, Bethany 13 — Tabor’s defense is nails and Bethany’s is getting much better. May not be a lot of points scored.

• Kansas Wesleyan 52, Avila 24 — This is for the KCAC championship, but it’s going to be all Coyotes.

• Southwestern 49, Saint Mary 35 — The Moundbuilders have really turned things around the last couple of years.

• Bethel 34, Friends 28 — That Threshers' running game is tough to stop.

Ottawa has an open date.

• Last week— 4-1. Season — 31-15.

• BIG 12 •

• Iowa State 48, Kansas 21 — Too much of a TCU hangover for the Jayhawks.

• Kansas State 30, TCU 24 — If the Wildcats don’t win this one, say goodbye to their bowl hopes. I don't think Bill Snyder will accept another performance like last week.

• Oklahoma 63, Texas Tech 42 — The punters may stay on the sidelines the entire game.

• West Virginia 35, Texas 28 — The Mountaineers are back on track, while Texas is starting to slide.

• Oklahoma State 50, Baylor 20 — The Cowboys are finding their second wind.

• Last week — 3-2. Season — 36-17.