Are the Chiefs taking a step backwards?

By Steve Sell
March 13, 2019

I really hope that Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach knows what he’s doing.

After everything that has happened the last two days, I have my doubts. I am hoping that he’s just getting started on his master plan to assuring fans that the Chiefs are going to again be a Super Bowl contender.

It hasn’t been a good couple of days for Chiefs fans. First, linebacker Justin Houston was allowed to walk after eight productive years.

This is a move, however, I can understand. Houston is 30 and while he’s still serviceable, he has been nowhere near the Houston of the 22-sack season of a few years ago. He represented a huge salary cap hit and the Chiefs are hoping to use some of that money to rebuild the defense.

But then came the trade of Dee Ford to San Francisco. I have to admit I thought Ford was one of the all-time Chiefs busts after his first couple of years, but he worked himself into being a quality player. 

 However, he was due for a big bump in salary and the Chiefs perhaps saw a repeat of Houston — paying him big bucks, only to see a decline in production.

What is head scratching is that all the Chiefs received was a second-round pick — in 2020, no less. So they didn’t receive any immediate help for a defense that had fans shielding their eyes.

Throw in Pittsburgh plucking away cornerback Steven Nelson — to me no big loss, but he did have experience — and Chiefs fans have to be quaking.

Through all the subtractions — they also lost tight end Demetrious Harris to Cleveland — there’s been a couple of additions. Carlos Hyde was added to the offense, which probably signals the end of Spencer Ware in the backfield. And Tyrann Mathieu, who is known more for his nickname — The Honey Badger — than he is his play, will help the torched secondary.

Veach does have some money to play with now that Houston and Ford are gone, though Mathieu’s deal bit into that. Look for the Chiefs to spend nearly all their draft picks on linebackers and secondary help.

As it stands now, Patrick Mahomes and the high-flying offense had better plan on putting up 60 points a game because this defense is going to be beyond bad.

It’s a wild time in the NFL. Two of the biggest names in the sport have new homes, Odell Beckham Jr., going to the Cleveland Browns and Le’Veon Bell is signing with the New York Jets.  It’s like general managers are playing with monopoly money as big bucks are even being showered on marginal players.

The wheeling and dealing merry-go-round will continue, but it’s hard to top all the bombs that were dropped on Tuesday.