Robertson putting up amazing numbers

By Steve Sell
February 06, 2020

Is there any doubt that McPherson’s Taylor Robertson won’t be first-team All-Big 12?

The numbers certainly don’t lie. Robertson is putting together a season not only worthy of All-Big 12, but has to be in the conversation for All-American honors.

She has very few negatives, other than her team is a pedestrian 12-10 overall and 5-5 in the Big 12, which like the men’s side this year isn’t as strong as it’s been in the past once you get past Baylor.

But other than her team’s record, it’s all as good as gold for the player affectionately known as “T-Rob.” She’s a number-cruncher’s dream with every statistic basically making you say “wow.”

Robertson has become coach Sherri Coale’s energizer bunny. She sends her out at the start of the game and just lets her play until the energy runs out.

And it never does.

Robertson is averaging a staggering 38 minutes a game, which ranks her 11th in the country.

She also has other “mosts.”

Robertson is 127 of 281 from the field, a jaw-dropping 108 of 243 from 3-point – and that’s facing a myriad of defenses, including face-guarding. She currently has the most 3-pointers in the country and it’s not even close as second-place Rachael Childress of UAB has 84. She is 13th  in 3-point percentage.

She had 105 3-pointers last year and is now the only player in Big 12 history to have back-to-back seasons of  at least 100 3-pointers.

She is 8th  nationally in free throw percentage, which I’m sure being a former national free throw champion as a teenager gives her motivation to move up.

She’s 85 of 95 from the line for just under 90 percent and it’s a shock to everyone when she misses. I was watching her game with KU on Sunday as she took 12 free throws, making all 12, and the rim was almost never touched as it was nothing but net.

Robertson has boosted her season average to 20.3 points, but she also grabs 3 rebounds a game.

I looked at her minutes of all her games this year and was shocked. In the last 12 games, she has played 40 minutes in 8 of them. Against KU, she played all 45 minutes since that game went overtime, 44 in the overtime game against Texas Tech. That leaves two games and in those she played 38 and 39 minutes out of a possible 40. So in those dozen games, she has played all but 4 minutes.

Remember, OU plays at a supersonic pace and Robertson goes up against defenders that she would freely admit are likely more athletic than her.

But she’s an on-the-court Einstein as she lets the game come to her, then figuring out what she has to do differently if shut down. Even when things aren’t going well, she never shows an emotion. I’m guessing she would make one heck of a poker player.

Robertson has scored in double figures in all but one game this year, and in that one she scored 9 against Houston when she played “only” 37 of the 40 minutes.

Two of her best games, however, came against Kansas schools, scoring 30 against Wichita State and 31 against KU and the coaches of those schools probably wish now they had spent more time at the Roundhouse recruiting her.

I tell anyone who will listen that Taylor is the purest shooter I’ve ever watched and I’ve seen a lot of them. Moundridge legend Laurie Koehn was unreal and so was Claflin’s Jackie Stiles.

But for my money, I’d take Taylor.