More questions that need answers

By Steve Sell
October 09, 2019

It’s time once again to answer questions to me from you, the American  people, who have inquiring minds and want to know.

Q— How are you seeing Class 4A West play out for football?

A – McPherson High is going to end up the No. 1 seed and unless Buhler stumbles against Hays or Winfield, which I don’t think will happen, the Crusaders will be No. 2. The big hope is that somehow Andover Central and Goddard stay on the other side of the bracket until the semifinals. Andover Central is by far the scariest team other than MHS because of all its great athletes. Goddard is scary simply from the standpoint it has many players back from last year’s state runner-up team, but it has been hit with some injuries. MHS could play Buhler for a second time, but I think the Bullpups would win that game by more than the 7 points it did last week. The Bullpups simply weren’t at their best, especially with penalties.

Q – How do the high-flying Canton-Galva Eagles look to you?

A – Awesome. Simply awesome. The Eagles have played into the second half only once and that could be the case much of the rest of the way. Even Solomon, last year’s state runner-up, doesn’t figure to provide a challenge as it was smoked last week by Bennington, 48-0 – one of the teams C-G put into running clock. The only challenge now for C-G coach Shelby Hoppes is to make sure his team doesn’t get complacent with all these easy wins. I liked that last week the Eagles worked on their passing game, throwing 18 times before the half. The defense simply doesn’t let up and I have a better-than-strong feeling the Eagles are going to be playing in Newton on the final Saturday in November.

Q – How do you see tonight’s National League Game 5s playing out?

A – When in doubt, pick the home team. I love the fact my beloved St. Louis Cardinals have pushed Atlanta to five games, but I don’t see them winning tonight. Atlanta is the more consistent team with the better bullpen. And I have no faith whatsoever in St. Louis closer Carlos (Baby Pedro) Martinez. I think the Dodgers get it done against the Nationals, whose miserable playoff history will continue.

Q – What did you think of rapper Snoop Dogg’s performance at KU Late Night?

A – What did the school expect? They knew what they were getting when they signed up with him. Snoop is all about being outlandish and he certainly was that. But given all the bad happenings surrounding the school recently, I wish they would have taken a safer route. I’m sure the students loved it because many can relate to Snoop, but I remember going to KU games as a student and how many senior citizens had courtside season tickets. I’m sure they found the whole thing bizarre and over the top. Next year book Simon and Garfunkel.

Q – Now that we’re five games into the NFL season, who ya’ got for the Super Bowl?

A – I haven’t budged off New England as my AFC team, but I’m not feeling too good about Philadelphia. Carson Wentz has not developed like I thought. Seattle is flying under the radar and Russell Wilson may be the NFL’s MVP at this point. San Francisco is 4-0, but it’s a mirage. Green Bay looked good against Dallas, but it won’t hold up. I’ll stay with the Pats and Eagles for now as I still think Philly can be strong.

Q – What are your evaluations of KU and K-State football so far?

A – Not too disappointed and somewhat disappointed, respectively. I had no expectations for KU as I thought 2-10 was about where the bar should be set. The Boston College victory gave KU fans a false sense of security and I don’t see the Jayhawks winning a Big 12 game. Les Miles basically is playing the hand dealt by David Beaty. As for Kansas State, my hopes inflated after their road win over Mississippi State, but it has looked pedestrian against Oklahoma State and Baylor. The formula to stop the offense is out as teams are stacking the box against the run and Skylar Thompson has to prove he can beat teams with his arm. The TCU game after the bye week at The Bill is key, because they can’t afford to lose to another team of similar ilk at home. Their other home games are West Virginia and Iowa State, at this point both looking like tossups, while they’ll lose to OU. Road games are against KU (a sure win), Texas Tech (a 50-50 chance) and Texas (most likely a loss). I see this team going 7-5, 6-6 at the worse.