City of McPherson signs agreement over private drive

By Chris Swick
August 04, 2015

The McPherson City Commission approved a private agreement with David Pyle in relation to an apartment complex the developer plans on building that is offset by a private drive.

The agreement would guarantee that Pyle provides access to city emergency service personnel along the private drive. Community Development Director Tom Stinemetze called the agreement unusual Monday as he made his presentation.

“This is a private development served by a private drive and what is bringing the need for this agreement around is the fact that this development has 20 living units served by one ingress/egress location,” Stinemetze said. “In order to be able to get emergency vehicle access into this development, there has to be a way to keep this road from being blocked.”

Stinemetze said this kind of agreement has never been done before, though there had been plans for something similar at another location.

“This agreement was, originally, not designed for the Pyle complex,” Stinemetze said. “It was designed for another facility that, hopefully, will end up not needing it. But tweaking it from a lots-for-sale type of project to a private, call it a condominium type of complex where there is only one land owner did require quite a bit of modification.”

The road will be marked with No Parking signs and red stripes indicating a no parking zone.