McPherson Housing Coaltion recevies grant to prevent homelessness

By Chris Swick
August 04, 2015

The City of McPherson received a grant of over $35,000 to help prevent homelessness from the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation.

Chris Goodson spoke at Monday's McPherson City Commission meeting on behalf of the McPherson Housing Coalition, who will be the organization handling the funds from the 2015 Emergency Shelter Grant. She said the bulk of the $35,946 will go towards homeless prevention.

“We felt like, with the rapid rehousing piece, we really didn't have any place to rapid rehouse people,” Goodson said. “Hopefully, after all the housing is built, that will change. So, this money is being used...we're specifically focusing on families this time. Single moms or fathers, those type of people. Anyone with children, we want to keep them in place.”

Goodson said that will entail helping out with back rent and back utilities, among other areas of assistance.

“Just to keep people where they're at right now, so we don't add to the population of homelessness that's going on in the community,” Goodson said.

The grant is a pass-through award, meaning the funds will come to the City of McPherson, who will redistribute it to the Housing Coalition.