McPherson fire department offers replacement smoke detectors

By Chris Swick
August 05, 2015

Smoke detectors can and do save lives.

If you need to replace the smoke detectors in your home, the McPherson Fire Department has a program in place to help do that.

“We have a couple of different grants and fundraisers that have been done on our behalf,” McPherson fire chief Jeff Deal said. “We've purchased several smoke detectors available to the public.”

The smoke detectors can be requested by coming by the fire department at 312 East Kansas Avenue and filling out an application. That application will then be reviewed, with a few different options for how the smoke detectors are paid for determined from that application. The smoke detectors are then installed by firefighters.

Deal adds that the smoke detectors the department installs have a long lifespan.

“The positive thing about this is that most of our smoke detectors anymore is a 10-year lithium battery,” Deal said. “Put it up, forget about it. Don't have to change them, don't have to mess with them. You can't actually get to the batteries. That's typically been a problem in the past that the toy car's batteries are dead, so little Johnny climbs up and takes the battery [out of the smoke detector]. So we get 10 years life out of them.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the smoke detector replacement program, contact the fire department at 245-2505.