McPherson County Commission approves 2016 budget with small hikes

By Chris Swick
August 10, 2015

You will be paying a little more in taxes to McPherson County in 2016, though the increase isn't a significant one after the McPherson County Commission approved the budget Monday morning.

The budget passed by the board will see the mill levy projected to increase not quite two-tenths of a mill from 2015 to 30.344. McPherson County Administrator Rick Witte says the total projected expenditures for 2016 are $25,033,571, an increase of id="mce_marker".6 million from 2015.

The major increases in expenditures would come from employee benefits ($300,000), public safety ($130,000), E-911 additional personnel ($130,000), additional personnel and equipment at the sheriff's department ($230,000) and the addition of a transport driver for the McPherson County Jail ($60,000).

The County also has $550,000 set aside for major road improvements in the county Public Works Budget.

“That will be the Board's decision as you go forward into 2016 as to whether that's going to be for the correction curve on 14th[Avenue] or whether to do something with Mohawk [Road] going towards Old 81,” Witte said.

The County's assessed valuation for 2016 is jumping up 12 percent to $396.8 million.

Witte expects the amount of 2015 tax to be levied to fund portions of the budget, which include the General Fund, public Works, the Health Department, among others, to be at $12,041,740.

“The rest of your revenues to fund your budget, of course, come from special assessments on the landfill,” Witte said, “sales tax, intergovernmental transfers, which could be both state and federal dollars, as well as fees and charges for services.”

The budget was passed unanimously by the board with no comments from the public.