McPherson City Comission approves application for CDBG Grant

By Chris Swick
August 10, 2015

No public spoke out either for or against the City of McPherson's plan to apply for a Community Development Block Grant to facilitate the rehabilitation of 13 houses.

The City Commission held the public hearing Monday morning and, subsequently, approved a resolution allowing for the submission to the Kansas Department of Commerce an application requesting $300,000 in funding, which would also include the demolition of four additional dilapidated houses in the city.

Chuck Beth with the South Central Kansas Economical Development District was on hand and said the KDOC should announce the grant awards in January of 2016, which means the official application process for rehabilitation will begin in February or March.

“Nobody that has submitted or signed up is committed,” Beth said. “Once the grant is awarded, we'll ask for a full application to be filled out. Even land lords, until your house is inspected...and we put this out for bids, even land lords aren't committed.”

Beth said, should the city's application be accepted, construction on this first batch of rehabilitations would begin in June of 2016 and would be completed in June 2018.