McPherson Police demonstrate new body cameras

By Chris Swick
August 11, 2015

The new body cams purchased recently by the McPherson Police Department are a huge upgrade over the previous system.

That's the assessment of MPD Sergeant Jason Cummins, who showed a night-time demonstration of the new cams during Monday's McPherson City Commission meeting.

“These new cameras have a wider visual angle,” Cummins said. “They have kind of a fish-eye lens that gives you more angle to see. Our officers like the fact that these new cameras, they have a 30-second prerecord. So from 30 seconds before we hit the button, it's going to save that data. It's always watching.”

Another added benefit, from a tactical standpoint, is that the manufacturer, Taser, makes an app that allows the officers to view what the camera is seeing at that moment.

“Our officers can go back and review video that's already been recorded,” Cummins said. “Something that we didn't think would be a benefit before is, with being able to see right away what's on there, our officers can stick [the camera] around the corner and, if they've got somebody down the hall, they can see what's going on around the corner without exposing themselves.”

The department purchased enough of the body cams to equip each officer in the department, plus have four in reserve.