WES construction shouldn't delay start of school

By Chris Swick
August 11, 2015
USD 418 Facebook

Washington Elementary School should be open and ready for classes Thursday.

That's the good news, according to USD 418 Operations Director Sheldon Anderson.

“It might not be the way we want it, but it will get there real quick right after that,” Anderson said.

Teachers have been able to get into their classrooms and start preparing for the coming school years since this past weekend, as the interior is ready to go, for the most part. Anderson says the current issue revolves around the fire alarm system and the phone system, specifically, the old Early Childhood Center portion of Washington, which was running on a Simplex system from 1995.

“When we destroyed the old ECC building, some of those wires got messed up,” Anderson said. “As we're looking at trying to put parts in this 1995 edition of the Simplex system and the 1995 edition of the mechanical room, that's where the Simplex guys are saying that finding parts may be harder to do.”

Anderson added that the contractor pouring the new parking felt that that particular part of the project would be finished by the weekend.