The Traffic Stop: Fines Doubled in School Zones

By MPD Officer Mo Hawkinson
August 12, 2015

(STO #204 & KSA 8-1560 Find the exact wording

Loose meaning: Slow your speed around our schools! McPherson has many 20 mph speed zones for schools. Some are designated by special yellow wink-o-matic traffic controls & are enforced during a certain time of day (North and South Main Street, East First Street, East Kansas Avenue, East Euclid Street and West Avenue A).

Other 20 mph zones are not machine-controlled. Those zones only have posted signage. Others are in force at times other than the start and end of school, like lunchtime – be watchful.

At the beginning of a new school year, students are unfamiliar with their new route to school. Parents and students alike may be new to a particular school, or just excited and not as attentive. Some students may be driving to school on their own for the first time. Weather and time of day contribute as well, consider glare and road conditions. Focus on your driving – not your destination.

Fines double in a school or construction zone. $135 is the minium total fine and court cost for a speed violation.

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