McPherson County Commission approves CDDO agreement with KDAD

By Chris Swick
August 12, 2015

The McPherson County Commission approved the 2016 contract between the McPherson County Community Developmental Disability Organization and the Kansas Department of Aging and Disabilities, which McPherson County CDDO Director Nancy Brouwer says will see a six percent drop in state aid.

“And that was in favor of all of the CDDOs,” Brouwer said. “Because, last year, we took the decrease and state aid stayed the same. And, with all the changes and stuff, and the extra hours that we have put takes longer to do our assessments and putting them in to [the system], because they're having difficulty with them and new people coming in.”

Brouwer says the issue is that, if new clients don't have a medicaid card, the CDDO doesn't get paid for the assessment of eligibility.

“And, when a new person comes in, it can take anywhere from two to 16 hours to get them processed to see if they're eligible or not eligible for services,” Brouwer said. “And that's not including doing the assessment.”

The total award to the McPherson County CDDO, including administration, was $276,733, a decrease of $8,000.

The McPherson County Commission approved the agreement unanimously.