BPU electricity sales down for 2015

By Chris Swick
August 12, 2015

Electricity sales are down this year for the McPherson Board of Public Utilities.

BPU General Manager Tim Maier says sales by kilowatt hour are down 13.32 percent over this time in 2014.

“The vast majority of that is due to turnaround at the refinery,” Maier said. “And then we also had another major industry that did a fair amount of maintenance work, so they were down for a period of time, as well.”

However, the cost per kilowatt hour without their capacity and transmission from Westar Energy, fuel for example, went down 7.35 percent.

“Probably due to the cost of natural gas,” Maier said. “And we hope it's a little bit due to the integrated market.”

The integrated market covers Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, part of Missouri and a small portion of Texas. All power generation by the BPU to those markets is dispatched out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Maier reports the capacity charge, the amount of energy the purchase from Westar, went down 4.3 percent to $3.62 million.