Chess theme planned for 33rd Dala horse

By Chris Swick
August 14, 2015

The City of Lindsborg is getting set to announce the 33rdWild Dala to the herd in a public display later this month.

Kathy Richardson was a guest on Thursday's Lindsborg Community in Perspective and says the 33rdhorse is titled “The Good Knight” and is in honor of the Anatoly Karpov School of Chess.

“It is going to be sponsored by Marck and Francine Cobb of Galva in honor of Marck's parents, the late Redell and Barbara Cobb of Galva,” Richardson said.

Marck Cobb is the president of the chess school's board of directors, while Redell and Barbara Cobb were among the early major supporters of the school and its efforts to bring the game to all students.

Richardson says the design on the Dala Horse will have a chess motif.

“Bold colors,” Richardson said. “A couple of kids, campers at the chess school camp this summer came up with the concept, name and the general drawing and it's being executed by a very good artist from Manhattan, Matthew Richter.”

The two students who came up with the Dala horse concept were Per Anderson of Lindsborg and Augustus Glazier of Liberty, Missouri. Both received $50 prizes for their design and concept.

The Dala horse is the Swedish symbol for crafts, having been used for many centuries.

“It was brought to Lindsborg probably notably in the 1960s or 70s and became kind of a town symbol,” Richardson said. “And now, in the era of pop art, we've made big, big, like four or five foot sculptures, out of fiberglass.”

“The Good Knight” will be unveiled Aug. 22 at the Karpov School of Chess at 11 a.m. The Wild Dala Wranglers will welcome the newest horse to the herd with the traditional street theater and parody song productions, with a number of chess exhibitions planned.

That includes a blindfold blitz challenge by Grandmaster Timur Gareyev, who will play multiple opponents at once with a flurry of moves while blindfolded.