The Traffic Stop: Disobeying School Crossing Guards

By MPD Officer Mo Hawkinson
August 19, 2015

(STO No. 64.1 & KSA 8-15, 103 Find the exact wording

Loose meaning: No one may refuse the order or direction of a crossing guard in the City of McPherson.

McPherson’s crossing guards are hired and supervised by the MPD and have the authority to direct and control traffic. They wear bright yellow, reflective vests and have hand-held stop signs, some of which have LED lighting. They work every day there is school no matter the weather.

Please be attentive to our crossing guards on their posts. They have the privilege and responsibility of escorting some of our most valued residents through traffic.

In McPherson, failure to obey a crossing guard is a moving violation punishable by a $60 fine and $75 court cost.

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