Public concerns voiced on Avenue A reconstruction

By Chris Swick
August 19, 2015

McPherson City officials brought concerned residents up to speed on the status of the Avenue A and Wastewater Treatment Road reconstruction projects during a public meeting on Tuesday evening.

City Public Works Director Jeff Woodward said the Avenue A portion of the project will go from Oak Street to the widening of the street at the railroad tracks.

“Wastewater Treatment Plant Road will go from Avenue A clear into the wastewater treatment plant,” Woodward said. “The other part which will really not inhibit anybody is that we're going to replace the trunk lines into the west end of the wastewater treatment plant.”

The Avenue A reconstruction is slated to be done in two phases, with the first phase slated to begin in mid-September.

“The first section will go from Oak Street to about halfway between Cottonwood and the east entrance to Sycamore,” Woodward said. “One end of Sycamore or the other will be open the entire project.”

The work on the first phase is projected to last about six to eight weeks. The entire project is slated to be done by Mid-December.

“And, of course, that's a tentative schedule right now,” Woodward said. “That schedule will be adjusted. Any rain delays or any kind of weather delays will directly affect that. That can't be set in stone, that's just the best information [the contractor] has right now.”

Concerns from the public included he removal of mail boxes and sprinkler systems for the project to the raising of the speed limit on that stretch of road to 30 miles per hour and the placement of a crosswalk on the east end of the project right before the hill up to the railroad tracks.

“Kids will use that crosswalk and cross there,” Forrest Moyer, who owns a large tract of land near to the proposed crosswalk, said. “Daily, you have a couple of people driving over 100 miles per hour in both directions. I really don't think down in the dip is a good place to have a crossing. I just still think it's going to cause a problem.”

The city is also looking into the trash pick-up situation for those residents along the construction corridor and the possibly of making at least one side of Sycamore No Parking.