King Midas to ring in new school year in Lindsborg Saturday

By Chris Swick
August 20, 2015

Kansas' greatest and longest performing rock and roll band is coming to Lindsborg this weekend.

“We're going to have King Midas and the Mufflers for our Back to School Bash down at Swensson Park,” Mari Loder, Lindsborg Convention and Visitors Bureau, said. “Which is the north park in the band shell, 400 block of North Main Street.”

In addition to King Midas, the Swedish Dancers will be on hand selling the famous Viking on a Stick.

Loder says the event is a great one for the whole family to enjoy before you get caught up in the whirlwind that can be the school year.

“Being down at the park this year I think will be really fun,” Loder said. “Lots of things for the kids to do down there at the park. Everybody comes, they bring their chairs, they dance. You see lots of groups of people coming down, sitting together, having a good time and reconnecting before we get so busy with school that we don't have time to just sit in a lawn chair.”

King Midas and the Mufflers are celebrating 49 years together this year, having been founded in 1965. Of course, one of the founding members was long-time KNGL-KBBE personality Bob Hapgood.

Showtime is at 8 p.m. Saturday in Swensson Park.