BPU warns of email scam

By Chris Swick
August 25, 2015

The Board of Public Utilities wants you to be aware of a scam that has begun making the rounds.

“We received an email from a customer last week about a utility scam,” BPU General Manager Tim Maier said. “They had received an email and it stated that, unless they paid their utility bills right away, that they were going to be assessed a late fee and then it gave them a phone number to call.”

Maier wants the public to be aware, if they should get a similar email, that is not the way the BPU conducts business.

“Once your utility bill is late, we'll send out a notice,” Maier said. “And you'll actually get a written notice that asks you to pay it. And then before we disconnect someone, we'll give you a phone call and call the phone number on record 48 hours before that. And then, before we actually turn it off, we'll come to your front door.”

If you receive an email you believe to be a scam, or have any questions, contact the utility at 245-2515.