KDOT mulls discontinuation of US 81-Business

By Chris Swick
August 26, 2015

The Kansas Department of Transportation may do away with a business designation on a U.S. Highway that runs through McPherson.

Specifically, the U.S. Highway 81-Business designation is under consideration for discontinuation. McPherson County Public Works Director Tom Kramer told the county commission Monday KDOT was considering the move due to an over-saturation of routes as drivers get on Kansas Highway 61 from Interstate 135.

“So it would be K-61 over to Main Street,” Kramer said. “It would still be designated [U.S. Highway] 81, but there's so many signs on the post they want to eliminate one of the signs on the post. And that's the 81-B designation.”

Commissioner Ron Loomis was concerned over how the first exit on K-61 as you come from Interstate 135 would be signed.

“The first exit is the business route,” Loomis said. “You go over the bridge and the next exit is your [Kansas Highway] 153 route. And if you don't have 81-B, how are going to know that's a business route?”

Kramer didn't have a time frame as to when KDOT would remove the designation, should they decide to move ahead with it.