Food safety month starts in September

By Chris Swick
August 27, 2015

The start of September in just a few short days also means the start of Food Safety Month.

McPherson County Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent Jana McKinney says food safety starts in the grocery store.

“We have to plan our shopping trips to prevent food-borne illness,” McKinney said. “Thinking about cleanliness, and I know a lot people are very good about using the wipes that are provided by the stores to wipe that handle, but the shopping areas of carts are covered with germs just from everything. From hands to the leaky meat packages, maybe even leaky diapers. So we have to be safe and sanitize that cart.”

McKinney says, before storing away your items at home, you should wash your hands first. Another tip for food safety is to not reuse the plastic grocery bags for anything other a trash can liner.

“There are just lots of things that can get in those,” McKinney said. “And if you have those cloth bags that are wonderful for taking to the store and reusing, it's a great idea to launder those so they're ready to go and put them back in your car and store them.”

More food safety tips will be offered throughout September during McKinney's weekly report on KBBE, which airs at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesdays.