MHS classes could earn day off for going to orchestra, cross country

By Chris Swick
August 31, 2015

Drawing attention and attendance to the outlier sports and activities at McPherson High School is the premise behind a new plan from the MHS Student Council that would award classes with an extra, sanctioned day off.

“We feel that all the students in every activity and sport at our school work hard and deserve the same recognition from our student body as the football and basketball players get,” Bahr said. “They have a high student attendance, so we're trying to encourage the student body to attend more activities and events.”

Anna Bahr, who, along with Thomas Smith, presented the idea to the McPherson School Board Monday night. Bahr says students will earn points for the classes based off of attendance at events such as orchestra concerts and cross country meets.

“We'll keep track of the points on Google sheets,” Bahr said. “And, at the end of the year, we would like give the class that gets the most points a day off to reward them for coming to other activities.”

Even parents will earn their students points by attending parent-teacher conferences.

Bahr says the idea originated from Bishop Carroll High School in Wichita.

“We know some students from Bishop Carroll and they have a class of the year project that is really big at their school,” Bahr said. “They have a lot of participants in it and we thought it would be a good way to get our students involved.”

The exact date of the day off towards the end of the school will be determined based off of what class wins the competition.