McPherson Police Department cautions to lock up valuables due to rash of thefts

By Chris Swick
August 31, 2015

A rash of thefts in recent weeks has the McPherson Police Department warning residents to be more vigilant about protecting their valuables.

“We are doing what we can to be vigilant and patrol, looking out for ways we can protect and serve,” MPD Officer Mo Hawkinson said. “But the property owner is always the first line of defense.”

Hawkinson says valuables should be kept out of sight, be that moved from out of view of bay windows or the front door of homes, or the back seat of vehicles.

Hawkinson also reminds drivers to remove their keys from their vehicles.

“We very often find vehicles with keys in them, windows down, unlocked, purse in the seat, change or cash in the console, CD or MP3 player out,” Hawkinson said. “Those things need to be stored and locked up.”

Other tips for deterring thieves include parking in a garage if one is available and replacing porch lights to keep your property well lit.