The Traffic Stop: Railroad Signals

By MPD Officer Mo Hawkinson
September 02, 2015

(Standard Traffic Ordinance #75 & KSA 8-1544 Find the exact wording here:

Loose meaning: No pedestrian shall pass through, go around, over, or under any gate or barrier at a railroad crossing when the gate or barrier is closed, closing, or opening.

Recently, Union Pacific contacted MPD to say the conductor witnessed a pedestrian walking dogs around the lowered arms of the crossing in the 400 block of N. Centennial Blvd. The train was so close the conductor was able to provide a detailed description of the subject including gender, race, and clothing.

There is a significant safety risk involved in incidents like these. Obviously, anyone going around the gate or barrier puts themselves at risk of significant bodily injury or death. The individual similarly endangers the train crew and any traffic or homes in the area in the event a train derailment occurs due to the train striking an object on the railway.

In most circumstances a train cannot stop or even slow enough, to avoid a collision when this type of hazard occurs. In McPherson, avoiding or failing to obey a railroad signal is a non-moving violation punishable by a fine of $120, plus $75 Municipal Court Cost.

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