NCRA officially renamed CHS

By Chris Swick
September 02, 2015

The name on the letterhead may have changed Tuesday from NCRA to CHS, tbut former NCRA president Jim Loving says, really, it's still the same company.

“Back in 1943, the predecessor to CHS bought two refineries, one in Montana and a share of [the McPherson] one,” Loving said. “So CHS has been here for 72 years. Recently, CHS, we've purchased the remaining portion that we did not already own. So we're celebrating 100 percent ownership today of the refinery here in McPherson, Kansas.”

Loving is currently a senior vice president with CHS in refining, pipelines and terminals. The changeover was celebrated with a reception and tour of the facility, which has been under major renovations that started in 2013.

Rick Lecht, CHS vice president of refining, pipelines and terminals, and also McPherson plant manager, says the expansion will increase refining capabilities from 85,000 to 100,000 barrels a day. The expansion is projected to be wrapped up by the middle of next summer.

The McPherson plant has been renamed the CHS Refinery at McPherson.