October to be recognized as McPherson County Manufacturing Month

By Chris Swick
September 02, 2015

October 2 is being recognized nationally as Manufacturing Day, but McPherson Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jennifer Burch asked both the city and county commissions to recognize the entire month as McPherson County Manufacturing Month.

Burch says this isn't just to recognize the rich history of manufacturing in the county, but also to, maybe, change some people's perceptions.

“It's a way to help try to encourage manufacturing careers,” Burch said, “and also change the mindset of what, typically, the general public thinks of industry and the technology that's involved in it.”

McPherson boasts over 50 manufacturers, employing over 55-hundred people. County-wide, industry puts up a Gross Domestic Product output of over $2 billion, with $667 million of that coming from oil and chemical products, $100 million in machinery and $78 million in agriculture.