City working to fix potholes

By Chris Swick
September 02, 2015

Potholes are jarring vehicles city-wide, and McPherson Streets and Utilities Commissioner Larry Wiens says the city street department is doing all they can to fix them.

“We have reacted when there's a call that comes in, when there's an issue with a pothole, the call comes into [the city offices],” Wiens said. “Our reaction time has been less than 24 hours.”

Wiens asks for your patience as the city tries to fill in the potholes that they know about.

“Yes, there's a lot of potholes left to be filled,” Wiens said. “I can assure you they didn't get there in one day and they won't get filled in one day. If you'll bear with us and make sure our people are safe out there when they work on the streets, we'd appreciate it.”

To date, the city has used an estimated 45 tons of material to fill the many potholes in the city at a cost of over $20,000.

To report a pothole you know of, contact the city offices at 245-2535 or the Public Works department at 245-2545.