Watch backpack weight to ease burden on hips, back

By Chris Swick
September 04, 2015

As school gets up to full swing, with a few districts starting up after the Labor Day holiday, it's a good reminder to keep an eye on one item your student carries with them constantly – their backpacks...

“We have to be really smart about putting those backpacks on our backs,” Jana McKinney, McPherson County Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, said.

McKinney adds that everyone, from elementary-aged students up to adults, need to be cautious against overloading backpacks, which can hurt your neck and upper back.

“We've got to be aware of the fit and the sizing and the shoulders and the hips and the knees,” McKinney said. “All of that can be effected by how much we put in our backpack. If we put too much weight in our backpack, that causes us to lean forward to compensate for that extra weight, or it pulls us backward and then we're putting pressure on our hips.”

You can find some tips and more information about protecting yourself while using a backpack by picking up the latest McPherson County Extension newsletter or by contacting McKinney at 241-1523.