McPherson City Commission amends fire codes on town houses

By Chris Swick
September 09, 2015

The McPherson City Commission modified both the International Residential and International Fire Codes with an aim at clarifying language relating to fire sprinklers in town homes.

McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory says that, when the commission initially adopted the codes in 2009, town houses were included in exemptions granted by the state to one- and two-family dwellings.

“The problem is that there was no really clear definition of what town homes were,” Gregory said.

With the changes approved Monday, the City is making it clear that town homes aren't automatically exempted from having to have fire sprinklers. As an example, the International Fire Code was modified to include the phrasing, “Notwithstanding to anything to the contrary, this section shall not require automatic sprinkler systems in one- and two-family dwellings but will require sprinkler systems in triplexes and quadplexes.

“By that, what we're essentially saying is that, if the town home happens to be a triplex or a quad plex, or anything bigger than that, it is required to be fire sprinkled,” Gregory said.

You can receive a copy of the changes to the respective fire codes by stopping by the city offices on East Kansas Avenue.