Building permits down in 2015

By Chris Swick
September 10, 2015

Total building permits are down 27 percent thus far in 2015.

“As has been the case for most of the year, total permits are down primarily due to the greatly reduced number of roofing permits,” McPherson City Lead Building Inspector Bill Athey said.

The total number of permits issued in 2015 is 634, compared to 876 from this time last year.

“Permits are steadily climbing month to month in 2015,” Athey said. “About mid-March to early-April of 2014, the quantity of permits began to rise more rapidly than they did in 2015 and this trend continued through September of 2014. This is the approximate time frame for the rise in roofing permits last year.”

Construction costs are up about $3.2 million dollars over 2014, a 14 percent increase. Year to date in McPherson, construction costs are at $26.3 million. The cost per permit in 2015 has climbed 57 percent over last year at $41,501.

The largest number of non-roofing permits this year has come from the residential sector, where 194 residential other permits have been issued. Residential new permits jumped from 18 in 2014 to 35 so far in 2015, a 95 percent jump.

Total roofing permits are at 251 for the year, down from 507 at this point in 2014.