Kansas wheat yields up, test weights and protein down

By Chris Swick
September 11, 2015

Yields in Kansas increased during the 2015 harvest, but the United State Department of Agriculture has released a report showing that test weights and protein content were down statewide.

Jordan Hildebrand is with Kansas Wheat dot com and says the National Agriculture Statistics Service collected samples from 47 counties.

“Which showed an average test weight of 59.9 pounds per bushel,” Hildebrand said. “In comparison, the 2013 and 2014 harvest averages were 60.7 and 60.5 pounds per bushel, respectively.”

While the harvest this year did see a 35 percent increase from last year, the protein content actually decreased from 13.4 to 12.7 percent.

“While it is lower than last year, 12.7 percent is actually still above the 10-year average of 12.4 percent,” Hildebrand said.

You can find more on the NASS report at Kansas Wheat dot com.