August busy for BPU

By Chris Swick
September 15, 2015

August was a busy month for the McPherson Board of Public Utilities, as they had a 42 starts on their machines, each with an average run time of four hours.

“The way the integrated market works, everybody bids their unit in, everybody buys enough capacity to support their load for tomorrow,” BPU General Manager Tim Maier said. “They run a reliability model, the SPPP does, that day. If the system isn't reliable, there's not enough generation on for reliability, then they schedule you, that's called the day ahead ruck. Then the next day, actually interim day, they also run reliability models and we're running a fair amount for that.”

BPU General Manager Tim Maier, who adds that the top load so far this summer has been 146 megawatts.

“We were projecting 148 [megawatts],” Maier said. “That was back in July, July 28.”

Maier says the peak water day was 7 million gallons.