City commission approves changes to Wastewater Treatment Road project

By Chris Swick
September 15, 2015

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Road reconstruction project is undergoing some heavy modifications just prior to the start of work.

McPherson City Public Works Director Jeff Woodward says the changes focus on the north-end of the project.

“The requested changes in Treatment Plant Road were to widen the base, add curb and gutter and change the ADS pipe to concrete pipe and change the cross slope from from an inverted crown to sloping the roadway to the east,” Woodward said. “These changes will expedite the overall construction time, improve the drainage to the adjacent property and improve constructability.”

The changes will add an additional $55,192.50 to the initial contract with Vogts-Parga Construction, bringing the total for this particular project up to over $865,307.90.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Road reconstruction is being done in conjunction with the reconstruction work on Avenue A, which is slated to begin on Monday.