MASWU rates to increase in 2016

By Chris Swick
September 15, 2015

Trash service from the McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility will take a 4 and a half percent jump in 2016.

That was the news put before the McPherson City Commission Monday, as City Administrator Nick Gregory says the base price will be $8.66 next year, an increase of nearly 30 cents.

The commission also discussed a fuel surcharge of 29 cents that is included in the rates. The agreement with the utility states that, if rolling average fuel costs exceed $2.50 a gallon, they can put a 3.5 percent surcharge into effect. Currently, with gas prices below that marker, the fuel surcharge is not in effect.

“The problem is that, if we don't put it into the rate, it's going to be harder to put it in at a later date,” Gregory said. “I think keeping the fuel surcharge on there and potentially we can make an adjustment in a future year if we decided. That could change any day. Fuel prices shoot up, that amount will change, as well.”

Another focus of discussion surrounded a charge for the city's landfill fund. Gregory says that's a 5 to 10 cent charge that goes to help with the costs if there is a major environmental cleanup that is needed, for example.

“Quite honestly, it's about enough to do a study right now,” Gregory said. “We don't have...there's not a lot of extra money if we have to do a major cleanup. We do that testing on an annual basis and send it to the department of health and environment.”

The total solid waste fee for 2016 is projected to be at around id="mce_marker"6, factoring in a 10 cent hike in the landfill fund.

The commission will take up the rate increase during their next city commission meeting.