The Traffic Stop: Driving in Voliation of Restrictions

By MPD Officer Mo Hawkinson
September 16, 2015

(Standard Traffic Ordinance No. 195 & Kansas Statute Annotated 8-291 Find the exact wording here:

Since school started a month ago, McPherson KS Police Department wants to remind student drivers and their parents of restrictions on drivers under age 16 holding a Farm Permit, Instruction Permit or a Restricted License.

For a complete list of these restrictions please look over the attached photo or click the link listed above.

Specifically, we're reminding young restricted drivers to go to or from school by the most direct route only. Also, “to or from school” is for attendance purposes only, not activities before or after school. The student may not arrive for school, then leave and come back for activities later.

Driving in violation of restrictions in McPherson is a moving violation punishable by a $75 fine and $55 Municipal Court cost.

Some additional information: Many times parents are aware their student driver is driving in violation of restrictions. There is a specific Ordinance (STO No. 197 & KSA 8-293) by which a parent (or legal guardian) may be held accountable for his or her student driver’s violation. Allowing Unauthorized Minors states that a parent who causes or knowingly permits a child under 18 to drive when not authorized to do so may be cited with a non-moving violation.

In McPherson, this violation is punishable by a $60 fine and $75 Municipal Court cost.

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