Area gas prices trending downward

By Chris Swick
September 17, 2015

If you're wondering how gas prices will pan out over the next few weeks, AAA's Jim Hanni said it's all good news for motorists.

“We can expect gas prices, barring any unforeseen calamity, gas prices should continue to work their way lower as we move on into the fall now and towards the Thanksgiving holiday,” Hanni said.

Hanni added this is a trend that has been ongoing for a few years now.

“Every year, from September to December, we have seen a decline in gas prices,” Hanni said. “2012, it moved down and it started turning upwards right around the last week of the year.”

A gallon of gas in McPherson averages out to about $2.19 a gallon, with a couple of stations reporting in at $2.09, according

Hutchinson almost uniformly reports in at $1.99 a gallon, with McPherson County gas stations showing a range from $2.05 in Moundridge to $2.25 in Lindsborg.

The cheapest gas reported in the state is $1.89 a gallon in Augusta. A Hays gas station is at $2.99 for the highest.