Fearless picks MHS in a close one

By Steve Sell
September 17, 2015

Fearless Forecaster just can’t seem to get a line on McPherson High.

He picked it to lose against Salina South and it won. He picked it to win against Andale and it lost.

What’s a picker to do?

For those folks who see that it’s Augusta and have an automatic “W” checked in the box, you better rethink things. The Bullpups are going to pushed, no question about it. Augusta has speed to burn and much more experience.

For FF, MHS is still a mystery team. Like coach Jace Pavlovich says, things aren’t always as good as they seem, but they’re not quite as bad as we make them out to be.

Fearless also missed on Moundridge last week, as he thought the Wildcats might pull off the upset of Ell-Saline, based on how they played against Marion in Week 1. Little River sent our picker reeling, as he thought it would lose.

The end tally was 9-3, which moves the season record to 24-9. Obviously Fearless has a lot of work to do.


• McPherson 21, Augusta 14 — This game will be determined how McPherson High’s offensive line blocks. If the holes are there, they should control the clock and the outcome.

• Buhler 35, Winfield 7 — Even if All-Stater Jace Williams doesn’t play, it shouldn’t matter. Just give the ball to Dillon Engellend about 30 times.

• El Dorado 14, Rose Hill 7 — The loser of this game ends up in the Division III cellar.

Last week — 3-1. Season — 8-2.


• Bennington 20, Moundridge 12 — The Wildcats are on the cusp of a win, but just can’t get over the hump.

• Trinity Cathlolic 26, Inman 14 — Inman has lost by 10 and 11 points the first two weeks. It will be 12 this week.

• Peabody 30, Little River 28 — Lots of speed in the skill positions for the Warriors.

• Burrton 30, Canton-Galva 20 — The Eagles play hard, but with only 11 healthy players it’s hard to make it through a game without tiring.

• Haven 14, Smoky Valley 6 — Points are hard to come by this year for the Vikings.

• Hesston 42, Sterling 7 — The Swathers rebound nicely from a rare regular-season loss.

Last week — 4-2. Season — 8-3.

• KCAC •

• Southwestern 10, McPherson College 7 — Don’t look for a lot of points to be scored.

• Bethany 34, Bethel 20 — The Swedes need to be able to run the ball. This week should be a good time to start. Their offensive line is massive and they should own time of possession.

• Tabor 28, Ottawa 24 — Tough one to call. Not sure just how strong the quarterback play is for Ottawa.

• Kansas Wesleyan 41, Sterling 31 — OK, Fearless will bite. He’ll take a sip of the Kansas Wesleyan Kool-Aid.

• Friends 38, Saint Mary 28 — The Falcons will be too physical.

Last week — 2-0. Season — 8-4.