Avenue A reconstruction to begin Monday

By Chris Swick
September 18, 2015

McPherson and Moundridge were among 31 cities in Kansas that will be receiving Kansas Department of Transportation funding for road projects in the coming fiscal years.

McPherson received $91,630.82 for a fiscal year 2017 City Connecting Links project on Kansas Avenue from Maxwell Street east to Eby. The total project estimated cost is $253,430.05.

Moundridge, meanwhile, received $500,000 for a Geometric Improvement project on Kansas Highway 260 from Avenue A to Avenue C in fiscal year 2018. That estimated cost is $465,000 and, as Moundridge is under the 2,500 population threshold, will not have to put up matching funds.

“The return on GI and KLINK projects is great for both the cities and the state, and competition is stiff,” Kansas Transportation Secretary Mike King said. “This year KDOT received 37 applications for $26 million in GI funding and we selected nine projects for $6.6 million. Because of the demand, we increased the maximum award per city this year.”

In total, nearly 13 million dollars in projects between the two K-DOT programs was dealt to Kansas cities.

Cities selected for the GI program and the maximum state contribution include: Atchison, id="mce_marker" million; Westwood Hills, $300,000; Moundridge, $500,000; Abilene, $500,000; Russell, id="mce_marker" million; Coffeyville, id="mce_marker" million; Great Bend, $800,000; Ness City, id="mce_marker" million; and Brownell, $500,000.

Cities selected for KLINK funding include: Emporia, $241,792; Lawrence, $300,000; Marysville, $300,000; Abilene, $285,390; Junction City, $262,489; Marion, $221,376; McPherson, $91,631; Colby, $300,000; Coffeyville, $300,000; Independence, $300,000; Pittsburg, $300,000; Arkansas City, $300,000; El Dorado, $201,967; Great Bend, $300,000; Kingman, $300,000; Larned, $300,000; Lyons, $300,000; Wichita, $300,000; Winfield, $300,000; Fowler, $289,882; Garden City, $300,000; and Ness City, $300,000.