City commission votes to increase MASWU rates for 2016

By Chris Swick
September 22, 2015

Your McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility fees will be going up in 2016 by about 40 cents following action taken Monday morning by the McPherson City Commission.

Part of the increase was due to a jump in the landfill charge, which goes into a fund that would be used towards the clean-up of the old landfill site north of the city, should an environmental issue arise.

“We did go ahead and opt to go with the 10 cent increase,” McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory said. “Bringing the total up from id="mce_marker"5.58 per month to id="mce_marker"5.97 per month.”

Gregory reminded the commission that the Solid Waste Utility works on an inter-local agreement with the rest of the cities in the county to provide trash service.

“That [agreement] says that the city of McPherson has to collect all the trash rates,” Gregory said. “If you live in the city of McPherson, you get a BPU bill and that BPU bill will have your trash rate on it.”

The commission approved the 2016 trash rates unanimously.