BPU warns of utility phone scam

By Chris Swick
September 28, 2015

Another warning from the McPherson Board of Public Utilities about a phone scam making the rounds.

BPU General Manager Tim Maier said the utility received a call from a customer in the last week or so who had received an unsolicited call that informed him that his check had bounced and his water would be shut off unless he paid immediately.

Maier stressed that is not the BPU's practice.

“We have a very regimented process,” Maier said. “If a person's late, we send them a notice. Then, 48 hours before there's a disconnect, there's a phone call. And then we'll actually do a personal visit and then we'll turn somebody off.”

If you have received such a phone call, or if you have any questions, Maier urges you to contact the BPU at 245-2515.