McPherson city staff, commission discusses Avenue A sidewalk options

By Chris Swick
September 28, 2015

Discussions continued as to possible Transportation Alternative federal grant funding Monday morning during a study session with McPherson City Commissioners.

Michael Hiebert of Alfred Benesch and Company, who will be submitting the grant on behalf of the city, presented commissioners with possible options in four different priorities. The first priority is the already approved stretch of sidewalk on Avenue A from Wall Park to Thunderbird Street.

The first option would tie into the existing trail and connect up to Maxwell Street. The second option would go down to where the new dog park is planned to be from Thunderbird and then turn back to the north on Centennial Avenue all the way to the South Front Street.

The third priority, presented with two different options, was a straight shot down Avenue A to Centennial.

After discussion, the commission decided the second funding option, the one that would take the sidewalk through the dog park and up Centennial, was their choice.

“This...follows what phase two was going to be all along,” McPherson Mayor Tom Brown said. “We sort of indicated that when we got the last grant this is what we would do to follow up on it. So it shouldn't be a surprise that we're coming in with phase two.”

Heibert estimated the cost for that project would be over id="mce_marker".3 million, of which the federal grant would cover 80 percent, or id="mce_marker".1 million. The city would have to cover $424,000.

Heibert cautioned that there was only id="mce_marker"4 million available statewide, with only $7 million to be allocated to city's McPherson's size, so receiving grant money was not assured.