MHS netters capture quad

By Steve Sell
September 30, 2015
File - Kendall Shaw

GODDARD — After competing in a 20-team tournament on Saturday, McPherson High’s girls tennis team scaled back to a four-team event on Tuesday.

The Bullpups took first place in the Goddard quad, scoring 10 points. Conway Springs (7), Wichita Independent (4) and Goddard (3) completed the field.

MHS won two of the four divisions with 3-0 records. Rachel Ivers was the No. 2 singles champion, while Shelby Gudenkauf and Heidi Myers captured first at No. 2 doubles.

Both No. 1 Bullpup entries were 2-1 for second — Ellea Ediger at No. 1 singles, and Cassidy Corrigan and Maisie Edmonson at No. 1 doubles.

“Today was another day of great tennis,” MHS coach Tyler Brown said. “After competing in such a large tournament this past Saturday, it was nice to go to a quad and only play three matches on the day. Several of the girls mentioned it being so quiet there.  So it took a match or two to really find our rhythm, but we executed as a team to pull out a first-place team result.”

The Bullpups continue their busy week with their second of two home invitationals on Saturday at the MHS Tennis Complex.

“Our whole goal right now is to take care of our bodies at this point,” Brown said.  “I have been really talking to the girls about getting plenty of rest, eating right and staying hydrated.  The next week-and-a-half is our most important time of the season. Our girls are feeling what the season brings physically, so it's important we make good decisions about what will help us deliver hopefully great results in the next week or so.”