Lincoln Elementary hosts USD 418 BOE

By Chris Swick
September 30, 2015
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Lincoln Elementary School was on display Monday night, as the McPherson school board held their regular meeting at the school as part of their effort to visit each of USD 418's school buildings throughout the year.

Lincoln Principal Cody Rierson talked about his aims for his school and his staff.

“I would say the principal's vision for the school, I talk about this all the time at staff meetings and any time we talk about professional development,” Rierson said. “We talk about behaviors first, creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone that comes into our building and involving every student. Building relationships.”

Rierson spoke at length about the school's Awesome Behavior Expectations program.

“Its a behavior that focuses on intrinsic motivations of students,” Rierson said. “At least me, I constantly tell staff that we need to demonstrate behavior that we want to see in students. Our documentation of behaviors, we use the split system. We monitor where, I shouldn't say bad behaviors, but the unwanted behaviors, where they're happening, what time of day they're happening, what grade level they're happening at. That way we can make them stop.”

Part of the intrinsic motivation includes school-wide celebrations when certain milestones are met. Those rewards include visits from the McPherson High School drumline and the KC Wolf, who recently stopped by and spoke to students.