Great day for Bulldog netters

By Steve Sell
September 30, 2015

WINFIELD – The high-powered McPherson College tennis teams were in action recently in the KCAC Individual Championships as they play a limited fall schedule in preparation for the spring.

While some of the top Bulldogs didn’t compete, Mac still came away with six first-place finishes.

The women had a really nice day.

"I thought we did extremely well at the tournament, we had everyone on the team playing a flight higher in singles and were still finishing first and second in just about every spot,” Mac coach Justin Stuckey said. “It was great to see Nadine (Baquiran) and Zoe (Bouwmeester) win championships and Madison (Hoffman) to get her first college wins in conference while finish in fourth place at the No. 6 singles spot. I thought the doubles went well as we mixed up our lineup and still made one semifinals, won a championship, and finished second in another."

• Women's Results •

• Singles •

#1 Singles Lea Striegel (2nd)

Semifinals — Def. Ottawa

Finals — Lost To Tabor

#2 Singles Nikki Thornburg (2nd)

Semifinals — Def. Tabor

Finals — Lost to Ottawa

#3 singles Zoe Bouwmeester (1st)

Semifinals — Def. Kansas Wesleyan

Finals — Def. Southwestern

#4 singles Deiah Curtis (2nd)

Semifinals — Def Ottawa

Finals — Lost to Southwestern

#5 singles Nadine Baquiran (1st)

Semifinals — Def. Tabor

Finals — Def. Southwestern

#6 singles Madison Hoffman (4th)

Quarterfinals — Def. Bethany

Semifinals — Lost Southwestern

• Doubles •

#1 Doubles (4th)

Striegel / Bouwmeester

Semifinals — lost to Tabor

#2 Doubles (1st)

Baquiran / Thornburg

Semifinals — Def. Kansas Wesleyan

Finals — Def. Ottawa

#3 Doubles (2nd)

Curtis / Hoffman

Semifinals — Def. southwestern

Finals — Lost to Ottawa

The men’s team also wasn’t at full strength as Stuckey wanted to get a look at some of his other players, but that didn’t prevent it from having a good day.

"We won three championships without having three starters so we played really well,” he said. “Our doubles showed to be very solid, which I was very happy to see. Hector (Carrillo Perales) played well to make it to finals at No. 1 singles and Hugo (Ball-Greene) played well and won the tournament at No. 2 singles. It was also good to see Robert (Burrows) get his first college victories and win a championship at No. 6 singles."

• Singles •

#1 Singles Hector Carrillo Perales (2nd)

Quarterfinals — Def. Bethel

Semifinals — Def. Friends

Finals — Lost to Kansas Wesleyan

#2 Singles Hugo Ball-Greene (1st)

Quarterfinals – Def. Southwestern

Semifinals — Def. Ottawa

Finals —Def. Friends

#3 Singles Puneet Dave (4th)

Quarterfinals – Def. Bethel

Semifinals – lost to Southwestern

3rd/4th place — lost to Ottawa

#4 Singles Leandro Neix (5th)

Quarterfinals – lost to Southwestern

Def Bethel

Def Ottawa

#5 Singles Gabriel Franca (4th)

Quarterfinals — Def. Oklahoma Wesleyan

Semifinals — lost to Southwestern

3rd /4th — lost to Ottawa

#6 Singles Robert Burrows (1st)

Quarterfinals — Def. Oklahoma Wesleyan

Semifinals – Def. Ottawa

Finals — Def. Bethany

• Doubles •

#1 Doubles 

Carrillo Perales / Joan-Marc Fajula Rodriguez (1st)

Quarterfinals — Def. Tabor

Semifinals — Def. Kansas Wesleyan

Finals – Def. Friends

#2 Doubles

Hugo Ball-Greene / Leandro Neix (3rd)

Quarterfinals – Def. Bethel

Semifinals – Lost to Southwestern

3rd/4th — Def Ottawa

#3 Doubles

Robert Burrows / Puneet Dave (2nd)

Quarterfinals — Def. Oklahoma Wesleyan

Semifinals – Def. Friends

Finals — Lost to Ottawa