City staff, commissioners discuss digitizing sewer maps

By Chris Swick
October 01, 2015

McPherson city staff and city commissioners discussed the possibility of offering digital copies of McPherson's sewer maps to contractors.

Public Works Director Jeff Woodward says current city policy is to only offer hard copies.

“It was brought up in a post-9/11 environment there was some vulnerability in providing those in a digital form,” Woodward said. “The problem is, as I see it, we've been providing copies of it anyway. It's very simple to digitize it. I don't see a difference.”

Woodward added the main requests for the maps come from plumbing contractors.

“The plumbing contractors, when they're working in the area, it gives them an idea of where the sewer mains are,” Woodward said. “If somebody was really going to use them for sabotage, it's not like the water supply where it would taint the whole town. Yeah, they could cause disruptions, but I think, for the most part, they would be minimal.”

Other discussion focused on whether or not a fee should be charged. It was Woodward's understanding a fee was supposed to have been in effect, but hadn't been enforced. The consensus from commissioners in the study session was to make the sewer maps in a digital format, with Woodward to check for sure whether a fee is to have been charged for the maps.