USD 418 superintendent supports McPherson County Manufacturing Month

By Chris Swick
October 01, 2015

Among those attending the open house of Viega on Friday to open McPherson County Manufacturers Month will be USD 418 Superintendent Mark Crawford.

Crawford said attending such an open house is important for himself as well as students in the district.

“Manufacturing month in general is good for me in general to see the employment opportunities that we have,” Crawford said. “Being there with the students is going to be important for me, because I think they will talk about the type of employee they want, the type of skills our students need.”

Crawford also recently attended a luncheon at the McPherson Industrial Development Company and a topic of discussion revolved around the desire to make McPherson the first city in Kansas to be an ACT National Work-ready Community. Crawford called it perfect timing.

“This year's seniors, as a graduation requirement, have to have a silver level on Workkeys,” Crawford. “They have been working on that since their freshman year. It's my understanding that at CHS Refinery and Johns Manville, it is a requirement to earn an interview to have a Workkeys certification.”

ACT Workkeys is a job skills assessment system that helps employers maintain a high-performance workforce. Students have to have successful completion in applied mathematics, locating information and reading information to earn their ACT National Career Readiness Certificate.

Crawford said other manufacturers in the county are considering requiring such a certification.