Swathers, Teutons, Eagles compete in CC meet

By Steve Sell
October 02, 2015

ELBING — Hesston’s boys, with two of the top five finishers, took second place in the Berean Academy Invitational Cross Country Meet on Thursday, with Inman taking sixth place. Elyria Christian School also had some runners competing as individuals.

Hesston’s Austin Bollinger was third and Luccas Schmucker was fifth to lead the Swathers. Caleb Renner earned a Top 10 for Inman by taking sixth, while Aaron Porter’s 25th-place finish topped Elyria.

Hesston finished behind Mulvane in the team race.

On the girls’ side, Hesston’s Abby Webber earned a Top 10 by taking fifth, while Elyria’s Moriah Redenbaugh just missed as she was 11th. Inman was led by Maria Urwiller as she was 20th.

Inman coach Jay Parsons commented on the meet by saying the competition was strong and he thought his team performed well. Caleb Renner has been suffering from a spider bite, but is regaining his form and Parsons is looking for big things from Tobias Belknap as he’s showing improvement.


• BOYS •

3. Austin Bollinger (Hesston) 17:15.18

5. Luccas Schmucker (Hesston) 17:47.13

6. Caleb Renner (Inman) 17:56.44

8. Kelson Claassen (Hesston) 18:34.02

17. Tobias Belknap (Inman)  19:17.68

21. Dylan Fry (Hesston) 19:47.29

25. Aaron Porter (Elyria) 20:00.27

35. Reuben Peachey-Stoner (Hesston) 20:24.75

36. Jaxon Eddy (Inman) 20:25.3

38. Sam Bartel (Inman) 20:32.48

45. Jared Harmony (Hesston) 20:52.5

48. Nathan Bashore (Inman) 20:55.25

57. Connor Sivils (Inman) 21:19.65

59. Zack Speice (Inman) 21:35.11

62. Jordan Unruh (Elyria) 22:43.75

63. Marshall Williford (Elyria) 23:03.94

66. Max Harman (Inman) 25:54.6

 • GIRLS •

5. Abby Webber (Hesston) 21:11.05

11. Moriah Redenbaugh (Elyria) 22:28.37

19. Valdez Hastings (Hesston) 23:31.9

20. Maria Urwiller (Inman) 23:40.77

31. Sofia Goodman (Hesston) 25:16.53

32. Courtney Belknap (Inman) 25:56.43

33. Kaylee Baumann (Inman) 26:03.56

34. Mikayla Valdez (Hesston) 26:04.03