Emprise, city officials discuss North Ash parking lot

By Chris Swick
October 06, 2015

More discussion surrounding the construction of Emprise Bank, this time focused on a proposed fence on the rear of the building.

Specifically, Emprise Bank officials asked McPherson City Commissioners Monday to consider allowing them to construct both the fence and pipe bollards at the rear of the new bank location at Kansas Avenue and North Ash Street.

“Today, there is not a curb on the edge of that and the asphalt is fairly erratic in terms of how it's laid in there,” Pat Belt, property manager for Emprise Bank, said. “I'm not quite sure when it was laid in there and it it was just laid around things. I know there was a hedgerow there before, some trees.”

The parking lot in question is the public lot in the 100 block of North Ash that also contains the drive-up mail boxes. Emprise is looking at building up a curb along the back of their property, complete with the pipe bollards that would serve to prevent vehicles from accidentally striking the fence.

The request from Emprise would shorten up the parking lot, as it would, by necessity, place the bollards on city property. The commission, while supportive of the idea of the fencing and the bollards, hesitated at giving their full backing to the plan due to the potential issues caused by the lack of space. Commissioner Larry Weins pointed out that lot isn't just used by small passenger cars.

“There's everything from farmers to utility bed pickups going through there,” Weins said. “We would want to get together with whoever we need to get together with to lay this thing out to make sure that we have enough space. Because there's a lot of traffic goes through that to t he mail box and the [Trinity Lutheran Church] and so on.”

The commission asked that Emprise officials work with city staff to determine if there would be sufficient space in the parking lot for the proposed fence, curb and bollards.